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‘An Evil Day’ RE Student Conference with Lat Blaylock

This dynamic and interactive learning day about evil, goodness, philosophy and religion will explore a wide range of spiritual, religious and ethical approaches to questions about evil and how to reduce it.

Students attending the day will gain an experience of university life. The teaching methods will introduce key ideas from faith in ways that provoke argument and deepen thought. Students will be involved in a collaborative creative activity.

What is evil? How can humans live together for goodness? What conquers evil – Love? Co-operation? Faith? Nothing? What does it mean to choose a path in life that works for goodness, truth and life?


Date: Monday 20th March

Location: Charlton School, Apley Ave, Wellington, Telford TF1 3FA

Students: Schools are invited to bring 12 – 15 GCSE students to join with other students from around the region


9:00am arrivals for students

9:15am Conference Start

2:30pm end so that schools can transport within the day.

Lat Blaylock

Lat is a primary and secondary specialist. He is Editor of ‘REtoday magazine’ and has written many RE resources published by RE Today, including ‘Picturing Christianity’, ‘Big, Big Questions’ (a package for music in RE) and ‘Spiritual Engagement’ (a folder of ideas for 16-19 RE days), as well as contributing to many resources such as Understanding Christianity. He taught RE, Humanities and PSHE in Leicester for eleven years.

Since joining RE Today his work has been wide-ranging and varied, and includes advising teachers, schools, SACREs, dioceses and local authorities. His CPD training courses attract thousands of teachers every year, covering themes from poetry, art and creativity to assessment, GCSE and curriculum planning. He also runs day conferences for gifted and talented pupils and for 16-19s. He has made seven series of RE broadcasts with the BBC, including the award winning ‘My Life My Religion’ (2015) and recently has been involved in advising the BBC on the BBC ‘Religions of the World’ and ‘A to Z of Religions and Belief’ series (2017). Lat was the specialist writer for the RE Council’s 2013 national RE curriculum framework.


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