Art Competition & Interview with Lat Blaylock: The Life of Jesus


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On Sunday 18th April, churches across Telford & Wrekin will begin a ten-week journey called #doyouknowhimtelford?

During the ten-week period concluding at the end of June, there are many initiatives that people in the area will take part in, and Engage Schools is providing resources for schools and young people through partnerships with groups like Welliart.

Art Competition

As well as “The Life of Jesus” interview with Lat Blaylock, we’re also proud to announce an art competition being run in collaboration with WelliArt. WelliArt recently ran successful projects based on Winter Art and Black History Month. This time WelliArt will be assisting us in collating and judging entries with the theme of “The Life of Jesus”. Prizes for the winning entries have been kindly donated by TCT (Telford Christians Together).’

How to Enter

  • 19th April – Entry opens for all three categories (EYFS & KS1,2 & 3)
  • 8th June – Closing date
  • Create a piece of art of any size based on the theme “The Life Jesus”
  • You may use any media, e.g. paint, pastels, ink, collage, clay, or even digital, as long as it is your independent work.
  • We can only accept a digital image of your work. Please do not send your original work.
  • Send your entry completely free to:
  • Please send your nameageschool and the title of your piece.
  • The winners will be announced on the first day of the Summer half term: Tuesday 22nd June.

Lat Blaylock Video Resources

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